Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Help Bring Justice to Guatemalan Syphilis Experiment Victims

As you may already know, we wrote an article for the non-profit website, We are petitioning the US government to financially compensate victims of an atrocious medical experiment that took place in Guatemala during the 1940s. With US taxpayer money, the US Public Health Service conducted an experiment, similar to the infamous Tuskeegee study in the 1960s. Believing that Guatemala would be an ideal place to escape scrutiny for such a blatantly unethical medical test, The US Public Health Service purposefully infected male prisoners with syphilis through inhumane and often painful procedures. Additionally, they sent infected prostitutes into the prisons to contaminate the men. All of this was done without the knowledge or consent of the victims. 

Furthermore, orphaned children and mental health patients were subjected to testing which never contributed to finding a vaccine for syphilis.  

We are asking for 200 signatures, and we need your support. All you have to do is follow this link:

Sign the petition, send the letter to President Obama and if you would like, please tell others about this cause. We cannot and should not stand idly by while our government refuses to rectify such intentional injustice. 

We'd really appreciate your support. 

If you'd like more information about the Guatemalan syphilis experiment, you can read these articles: