Monday, February 20, 2012

Honeycake & Co.

My amazingly talented and creative sister, Bethanie, has finally started her own business on Etsy! It's called Honeycake & Co. For years she has been making felt animal portraits, felt dolls and stuffed animals, and many other awesomely beautiful creations. She hand-stitches all of her products and uses felt made out of recycled plastic bottles. She can make just about anything you could ever want. Check it out!

Also, take a look at her Facebook page if you get chance and "like" it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nacho Typical Wedding

This is not, nor will ever be, a "wedding blog." It's not who I am - and clearly not who Ryan is. Although, I have to admit that I sometimes think about how awesome of a wedding blogger I could be. I love crafts and I love writing and I love sharing ideas about how to do things cheaply and beautifully. The pull may not be very strong, but embarrassingly enough, it is there . . . even if it is just a slight tug. Mostly I just want to talk crafts.

Ryan and I have been engaged since June and won't be walking down the aisle, so to speak, until October. Our engagement is long, but since we are strapped for cash, it gives us plenty of time to make our wedding. And with that long period of time to mull over ideas, decide on them, change them, search for deals and tediously make every detail of the wedding, we have become quite the creative ones. Even if  we had $10,000 to spend (waste?) on a wedding, there is not a chance in hell that we would. It's the principle, man.

So we are planning the cheapest, most personal, most Ryan and Molly wedding of all time. Get ready.

We are currently in the midst of several projects aimed at keeping these nuptials within the parameters that we decided on- 1) Very "Us." 2) As inexpensive as possible without eloping. 3) Not hipster. Therefore, our apartment is cluttered with scraps of book pages, paints, crayons, scissors, glue, thread, and other materials that may or may not make their way to Oklahoma in the fall. I'm teaching myself to knit in the hopes of making Ryan and my brother-in-laws' autumnal colored, handmade, knit ties. We'll see. I have my doubts, but I could surprise myself. My amazingly talented sister and brother-in-law are our very own graphic designers who are making the invitations of the century. My Mom and grandma are growing the flowers.

The engagement ring - meaning the second ring, not the first ring which was $8 from a market in Cuenca - is made of recycled material from a local jeweler in Maine with a gorgeous pearl in the middle and cost about one-twentieth or less than the normal price of an engagement ring. The band may be my next-door-neighbor-growing-up's kickass Western Swing band - check out The Hot Club of Cowtown!

Oh, and our favorite author is writing us something specifically for the wedding.

And there will be pizza and salads with homemade dressing. And Weber's root beer bottled for us. And dark beer. And pumpkin beer. AND PIES. So many pies.

I don't get to dish these details to my besties back in the States, and it feels a little sad to be so far away from my girls (woop! woop!) who I would normally be telling all the annoying details to. So, if this is too much like every other 20-something who is getting married and acts like she's the only one on earth who is planning a wedding, then please, please, I beg of you, tell me, and I will never speak of this again on Our Vagrant Life.