Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lick Your Chops

Walk out our door. Look across the street. There you will find elote - corn on the cob slathered with mayonnaise and cheese and doused with hot chili pepper. The corn will be boiling in a pot on the sidewalk and a woman and her elementary-aged son will serve you this delicacy on a stick.

Make a left and walk two blocks. Cross the street. If it is a Sunday you will find the kindest, sweetest elderly couple from a farming town outside of Cuernavaca serving freshly flattened tortillas on their wood-burning stove in their makeshift, sidewalk eatery. You will find a table with 3 chairs. Sit in one of them and order the gorditas with Oaxacan cheese or the quesadillas with squash. You won't regret it. Beware of manzano peppers. It sounds like apple (manzana) in Spanish, but it is not. If it isn't Sunday, then I'm sorry, you're out of luck.

Continue west until you see a large spit with bright red meat roasting in the open-air window of a taqueria. Say hello (or hola, if you're so inclined) to Lorena, the owner, and then order at least four pastor tacos. They will ask you if you want everything on it. Say yes. Always say yes. Enjoy your tacos with spicy meat, onions, cilantro, limes and pineapple. 

Turn around and walk back toward the house. Pass it, and continue southward until you reach the Grecian looking Catholic Church. You've reach the mecca of taco stands in the neighborhood. Bienvenid@s. From the woman outside of the little grocery store, order a quesadilla with mushrooms. You may fall out of your plastic chair in ecstasy when you taste your first bite. Brace yourself.  Order a returnable glass bottle of Boing! soda. It is an employee-owned company that laughs in the face of Coca-Cola. 

Hobble your way south three more blocks to the surprisingly modern, undeniably delicious, vegetarian-renouncing hamburger stand on the corner. Order anything from the laminated and uncommonly sophisticated menu. Hamburgers with pineapple, hamburgers with cheese and mushroom and fried onions, hamburgers with bacon and avocado, and veggie burgers for those who aren't quite ready to renounce their loyalty. If you're anything like me, when you bite into that juicy goodness, a few swear words will make their way out. Make sure small children aren't around while eating.

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