Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weddings are the #1 Killers of Relationships

For some reason today, people are feeling the need to tell me how detrimental planning weddings can be on relationships. According to one advisor, it shares the number one spot with "buying a house." Since buying a house isn't going to happen for say, a decade or so, let's focus on its partner - "planning a wedding."

I'd like to think I've been a pretty easy bride thus far. Up until last weekend when Ryan and I jumped the gun and decided that Oklahoma was going to be too expensive and doing a small ceremony in Mexico was the perfect choice for us, we had had very little go wrong with the planning process. And then our gourmet pizza place accidentally booked an OU-Texas football game on our wedding date. Niiiiice. We appreciate the fact that you appreciate men ramming into each other in order to earn arbitrary points over two people who love each other more than life itself and have decided to publicly commit themselves to each other in front of their friends and family. Thanks, Pizza People. And then our freebie photographer, my brother-in-law-in-law, got a real job and can't promise that he'd make it for the event. 

Commence the freaking out. Commence the frantic emails to loved ones with an SOS-style message. Commence the changing of everything we had originally planned to something completely different and very Mexican.

Our boss Antonio's partner, Eduardo, just so happens to be the heir of an old sugar plantation which so happens to be one of the prettiest places I've traveled to in Mexico. They're super sweet and Antonio's our sugar daddy (so many saccharine references!). They said we could get married there and have a mariachi band and eat mole and swim by the pool on our wedding day. Who wouldn't want that? Crazies like us, that's who.

We're travelers and adventurers, yes. But it doesn't define who we are. At our core, we're homebodies. I'm an Okie. Ryan's a Nebraskan. I rarely say, "Soy de Los Estados Unidos!" with pride - actually never do I say that with pride - but I always say, "Soy del estado de Oklahoma." with as much pride as Carrie Underwood can sing about.

As wonderful as it would be to have all of our Mexican friends and co-workers join us for the wedding, we'd like our grandparents to be there, too. And some friends. And our $5,000 budget wouldn't quite fit into such an extravagant event as this. 

So here we are, one week later, with exactly the same plans. The wedding planning has become slightly more realistic which inevitably means slightly more stressful. But we bounced back into our "Si se puede!" moods and very little was lost.

Pöint being: Advice about how planning weddings can break up relationships doesn't apply in this situation. I'd like to think we're better than that. And we are.

This post was written about a month or two ago .We were too embarrassed of how quickly we decided all our former plans needed to be uprooted and thrown out. But now we're over it. It was a funny little hiccup in our normally calm planning process. 

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